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Baseball Pitching Drill: The Hockey Puck Drill

In this creative baseball pitching drill, we are going to use a hockey puck! You are probably wondering what do a hockey puck and a baseball have in common? Well, a hockey puck weighs the same as a baseball, so the critical mass of a baseball is about the same as that of a hockey [...]

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Skillbuilding Pitching Drills: Presetting the Pitch

In today’s video blog post, we’re talking about pitching drills that gives your pitchers an opportunity to work on presetting every pitch. Presetting the pitch is not something that you want to do in a game, because it is strictly used for skillbuilding.  The pitcher will work on presetting the fastball, the curve ball and [...]

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knee drill for pitching mechanics

The Knee Drill for Improved Pitching Mechanics

The Knee Drill for Improved Pitching Mechanics Like many of you, I used to hate any drill that didn’t involve total body. But I see too many youngsters who have difficulty understanding the importance of glove in front and closing the gap out front. That’s why today I want to share with you a fantastic [...]

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The “Play Catch” Throwing Drill for Power & Accuracy

In today’s video blog post, I am sharing a fantastic long toss drill that is basically a game of catch with your players. It’s called the “Play Catch” Progressive Toss Throwing Drill, and it’s an awesome multi-purpose drill. In addition to building throwing power and accuracy, it also allows you to pinpoint and correct the [...]

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The Power Pack – 3 Awesome Hitting Drills for Power

The Power Pack – 3 Awesome Hitting Drills for Power In today’s video blog post, I have got an awesome set of hitting drills for bat speed and power!  I call it the Power Pack! The Power Pack In this drill you will use a heavier bat, a lighter bat, and then a regular bat [...]

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