isometric hitting drills for hitting power

Isometric Hitting Drills for Hitting Power!

Isometric drills are done without movement. The purpose is to isolate specific muscles in the body and strengthening them to receive a quicker bat. Today, I am sharing 3 Isometric Hitting Drills that you can do anytime. You just need a pole and a bat. They are good strength gainers because you are doing the [...]

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balance board hitting drill

The “Balance Board” Hitting Drill

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent hitting drill that utilizes a balance board! It works the inner muscles of the thighs, which is critical for balance and power. The “Balance Board” Hitting Drill The Balance Board is also called a “K Board”. It is 28 inches long and 16 inches wide [...]

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catcher drill blocking pitches copy

Catcher Drill: The “Blocking Pitches” Drill

Catcher Drill: The “Blocking Pitches” Drill Do you have the toughness necessary to play behind the plate? When you start blocking pitches, you are going to find out in a hurry if you have that degree of toughness. In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a great catcher drill that presents different ways of [...]

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baserunning from home plate

Baserunning From Home Plate

Baserunning From Home Plate In today’s video blog post, we demonstrate 3 different ways of baserunning from home plate, and how to handle common hitting situations, such as ground balls, line drives and fly balls. In dealing with base running from home plate, we need to establish a mentality that, to get extra bases, the [...]

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baseball hitting q and a2

Baseball Hitting Q & A’s

In today’s blog post, we have put together a great list of Baseball Hitting questions and answers for coaching at the youth level! Baseball Hitting Q & A’s Q: At the youth level, what does it take to become a good hitter? A: At this level, we are simply looking for each player to be [...]

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youth baseball drills