Baseball Fielding: Catching Technique for Outfielders

There is a recommended baseball fielding technique for outfielders to use when receiving the ball, in order to achieve maximum success in the field.  In today’s article, we break down the basic mechanics your fielders need to understand and implement in every practice or game. When the outfielder receives the ball, it’s important for the…

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Protector Screen Pitching Drill

If you’re coaching a pitcher who sometimes struggles with his control, then this is a pitching drill you should definitely try out. It comes straight from the Essential Pitching Drills collection. Protector Screen Drill A huge number of pitching control problems stem from poor alignment. This drill is designed to eliminate any excessive movement in…

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Baseball Fielding: Outfielder Throwing Technique

An outfielder throws a little differently than the other positions on the field. Pitchers parallel outfielders, but infielders and catchers throw completely different. At the beginning of any discussion regarding throwing for an outfielder has to begin with the way that you grip the ball. As youngsters, we have been taught to “grip across the…

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baseball fielding tips for gloewrok

Baseball Fielding : Tips for Better Glovework (PLUS Basic Glove Drills!)

In today’s article, we share 5 tips for better glovework when fielding, as well as some basic glove drills that you can incorporate into your next baseball fielding practice! Tip #1: Use Your Feet Good fielders look like they have soft hands, but it is really their feet that are allowing their hands to work…

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Baseball Fielding & How To Field Hops

Today, it’s all about the hops – and baseball fielding drills you can add to your practice plan to best prepare your young players for hop situations. First, what is a “hop”? A short hop is a ball that bounces immediately in front of an infielder. If the batter is a fast runner, an infielder…

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