Coaching Little League Baseball

Mike, one of my readers who is coaching little league baseball, sent these to me recently.  Two great baseball drills that don’t require a coaching PhD to figure out.Coaching Little League Baseball

From Mike…
I coach a local Little League team (10-12 yrs olds) and one of my best ideas is a baseball bunting drill that uses two hula-hoops.

I place the hula-hoops in the proper areas ( one down first and the other down third) about four feet away from home plate.  I have the players bunt into the hoops – it gives the kids immediate feedback to “place” the ball inside the circle. Makes a real game out of the baseball drill and gives the players a mental “target” in a game situation. Works like a charm and the kids love it.

The other idea I use is the “Home Run Derby”.  Each player bats from second base and gets three pitches to knock it over the fence.  Kids love hitting it over the fence.

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