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Shortstop Double Play Drills With A Ball

A shortstop can change the momentum of a game by executing a double play opportunity successfully. Teaching your shortstops how to turn a double play, in order to increase your chances for success while decreasing your chances for injury, is an important part of your practice plan that you don’t want to ignore! In this…

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Baseball Fielding: 3 Receiving Positions for Shortstops

You don’t always need to practice fielding with a live ball. In this video blog post, we are discussing baseball fieding and how you can work on the 3 receiving positions for shortstops and work on receiving technique in your practice without the use of a ball. – Players begin at their position on the…

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3 lead throws baseball fielding

Baseball Fielding: 3 Lead Throws for the Shortstop

In this video blog post, we are talking about double plays for the short stop and the 3 throws that a shortstop can make to the second baseman to lead on the double play. Swivel / The 6 Ball Technique The Swivel / 6 Ball technique is when the ball is coming straight at the…

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baseball fielding barehand backhand

Barehand & Backhand Fielding for the 3rd Baseman

The backhand and barehand catch is an invaluable skill for all third basemen to master. In today’s video blog post, I am sharing some tips on how to properly implement these techniques into your fielding plays. Barehand One important techniques for 3rd base fielding involves using the barehand. The barehand can be used when dealing…

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baseball fielding slow roller

Baseball Fielding: 3rd Base & Fielding The Slow Roller

In this video blog post, we are talking about some of the things that the third baseman needs to be proficient at in order to successfully field the slow roller and make an out play to first base.  If your player can perform these 6 techniques, he has a great chance of being a great…

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