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baseball fielding isolated feet

Throwing and the “Isolated Feet” Baseball Fielding Drill

If your team is struggling to make accurate throws during a game, you need to add some fielding and throwing drills to your practice plan. Your players need to understand proper grip, and that they need to throw to a target utilizing the proper throwing mechanics.  They need to know how to use our body…

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Baseball Fielding: Cross Step & Drop Step Agility Drill

As a baseball player, you need to continually develop your baseball fielding skills.  Good baseball fielding requires a combination of mobility, speed, agility and ball-handling skills. Agility is critical to having good footwork, and young players need to learn the proper footwork for playing in the outfield.  If they have the ability to move in…

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Catch and Throw Footwork Drill for Baseball Fielding

In this baseball fielding footwork drill, players are going to try to catch and throw the ball, taking only 3 steps during the process. The coach will hit or throw a ball nice and easy up into the air, and the fielder is going to come in to catch the ball, landing on the foot…

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baseball fielding 3 agility drills

Baseball Fielding: 3 Agility Drills for Outfielders

As a baseball player, you have to work continually to develop your fielding skills. Good fielding requires a combination of mobility, speed, agility and ball-handling skills. Most players field countless grounders or fly balls to practice and perfect their skills, but the other important components of fielding – like agility and footwork – cannot be…

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baseball fielding reading the hops

Baseball Fielding: Reading the Hops

The ability of a fielder to read the hops will greatly improve their fielding percentage.  Teaching the basic fundamentals of baseball fielding &  ground balls, the foot movement and distances of spread, bending of the knees, and glove positioning out in front and low to the ground, demand time, patience and practice. When a ground…

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