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Every youth baseball practice should devote some time to baseball fielding drills. Make sure you include tactical fielding drills that teach your players how to handle bunts, attempted stolen bases, throwing runners out at home, double plays, force outs, and run-down situations.

“Around The World” Throwing & Infield Drill

around the world infield drill

Purpose This infield drill focuses on the throws that infielders are required to make during a game. The catcher will work on throws down to second and third, the middle infielders will work on turning two, and the corner infielders will work on throws home and across the diamond. Set Up This infield drill is…

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The Quick Hands & Feet Fielding Drill Set

quick hands and feet fielding drill set

Check out these 2 awesome fielding drills for quick hands and feet, that focus on shuffling and fielding with proper technique, and strong throwing action. Fielding Drill for Quick Feet: “Whistle Shuffle” The players line up in two lines and the baseball coach has a whistle.  The coach blows the whistle and the team begins…

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5 Awesome Baseball Fielding Drills for Beginners!


Good baseball fielding requires a combination of mobility, speed, agility and ball-handling skills. I’ve put together 5 great fielding drills for your younger players who are just beginning or need extra practice with the fundamentals. Drill No.1: Past Ball Purpose: Players will be more responsive and more confident when they are able to accurately and…

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Shortstop Double Play Drills With A Ball


A shortstop can change the momentum of a game by executing a double play opportunity successfully. Teaching your shortstops how to turn a double play, in order to increase your chances for success while decreasing your chances for injury, is an important part of your practice plan that you don’t want to ignore! In this…

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Baseball Fielding: 3 Receiving Positions for Shortstops


You don’t always need to practice fielding with a live ball. In this video blog post, we are discussing baseball fieding and how you can work on the 3 receiving positions for shortstops and work on receiving technique in your practice without the use of a ball. – Players begin at their position on the…

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