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Baseball Fielding & Communication Between the 1st Baseman & Pitcher

Baseball Fielding & Communication Between the 1st Baseman & Pitcher In today’s video blog post, we are exploring the importance of good communication between the first baseman and the pitcher.    We also demonstrate a fantastic communication drill for baseball fielding that you can incorporate into your next practice.  The points we address in this [...]

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The “Play Catch” Throwing Drill for Power & Accuracy

In today’s video blog post, I am sharing a fantastic long toss drill that is basically a game of catch with your players. It’s called the “Play Catch” Progressive Toss Throwing Drill, and it’s an awesome multi-purpose drill. In addition to building throwing power and accuracy, it also allows you to pinpoint and correct the [...]

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tuck throwing drill

“Tuck and Throw” Throwing Drill

This is an excellent throwing drill to work on your player’s tuck and throwing. Many times, you will see players who leave the front arm out and then they’ll throw without tucking the glove. So what this drill does is work on getting the good glove tuck. “Tuck and Throw” Throwing Drill Start your player [...]

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tumbling drills

Tumbling Drills for Rolling and Tumbling Safely

Baseball’s often a game filled with spills and tumbles. And one thing we want to try and help our players with is teaching them how to get out of what could be a bad situation and resulting injury by teaching them how to tumble both forward and backward, on the right shoulder and left shoulder. [...]

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working the fence

Working The Fence & Fielding the Ball

In today’s blog post, we are talking a little bit about working the fence as an outfielder. Working The Fence & Fielding the Ball Working the fence is important for two reasons. Number one, in terms of being able to get rid of the ball, but also in terms of protecting yourself and not getting [...]

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