“Suicide Squeeze” Bunting Drill

suicide squeeze bunting drill

Purpose This bunting drill is used by a team that has a good bunter at the plate and a pitcher who has thrown a high percentage of strikes. Execution The runner is going to break as the pitcher’s front foot touches the ground. If the ball is bunted safely on the ground, the runner scores…

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“Pop Up of Death” Fielding Drill


Purpose This fielding drill is designed to teach players how to judge pop-ups and the proper way of letting every one know that you are going to “call” it.  It teaches players to judge pop-ups, take control of a fly ball, as well as avoid collisions with other fielders. Execution Have the whole team gather…

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Post-Game Cool Down Drills

There is a lot of focus on warm up for practices, but the cool down is equally important.  A good cool down will help cool the muscles and slow the heart rate, but even more importantly, cool downs can help players to keep playing, and not being side-lined with muscle injuries.  In today’s video blog post,…

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“Caught In A Pickle” – A Baseball Drill for Mental Focus


Younger players can often get behind in the game which will lead to them not being able to focus on the game. This is a great baseball drill to help players learn better focus under real game time pressure. Execution 1. Have a runner at first and a runner at third. 2. The pitcher should…

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Ball Drops for Agility & Quickness


Ball drops are a great way to work on your agility and quickness.  You’ll need a partner and a ball to do this drill, and basically, the person doing the explosive running is trying to get to the ball before it bounces twice.  You’ll want to adjust the distance you work according to your athlete’s…

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