Post-Game Cool Down Drills

There is a lot of focus on warm up for practices, but the cool down is equally important.  A good cool down will help cool the muscles and slow the heart rate, but even more importantly, cool downs can help players to keep playing, and not being side-lined with muscle injuries.  In today’s video blog post,…

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Ball Drops for Agility & Quickness


Ball drops are a great way to work on your agility and quickness.  You’ll need a partner and a ball to do this drill, and basically, the person doing the explosive running is trying to get to the ball before it bounces twice.  You’ll want to adjust the distance you work according to your athlete’s…

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The Square Stand Up/Sit Down Slide for Baserunning


The general rule for youth league baseball is that there are no head first slides into any base.  The Square Stand Up/Sit Down Slide is the general baserunning slide used in youth baseball. This sliding technique can be used when sliding into 2nd, 3rd, or home plate. Have each player face the coach, with a…

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Quick Skip Drills for Speed & Agility Conditioning

quick skip drills speed 2

Quick Skips are a great way of conditioning players for better speed, agility and reaction time.  In today’s video blog post, we demonstrate some great ways to implement this basic yet valuable training option into your practice plan.  The focus is on using big agility moves quickly and turning on the speed. Straight-ahead Skips Start…

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The Ultimate Jump Rope Conditioning Drill Set!

jump rope conditioning drill 2

Drill Type Speed & Agility Conditioning Drill Purpose This conditioning drill set is a great athletic skill and quickness builder that will result in better base running and defense. Execution Two foot jumps – Pull the toes up toward the shins and spring off the ground. Don’t stab the ground with the toes. Keep the…

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