Baseball Conditioning: 3 Yard Star Drill


Drill Type:  Baseball Conditioning Purpose This baseball conditioning drill is all about simple quickness, pushing away with quick feet, pushing the hips, keep the core solid. Setup This is a basic drill using 4 cones.  Set them up three yards apart. Execution You’re going to start with a sprint forward, then go lateral side to…

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The Quick Hands & Feet Fielding Drill Set

quick hands and feet fielding drill set

Check out these 2 awesome fielding drills for quick hands and feet, that focus on shuffling and fielding with proper technique, and strong throwing action. Fielding Drill for Quick Feet: “Whistle Shuffle” The players line up in two lines and the baseball coach has a whistle.  The coach blows the whistle and the team begins…

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5 Awesome Baseball Fielding Drills for Beginners!

Good baseball fielding requires a combination of mobility, speed, agility and ball-handling skills. I’ve put together 5 great fielding drills for your younger players who are just beginning or need extra practice with the fundamentals. Drill No.1: Past Ball Purpose: Players will be more responsive and more confident when they are able to accurately and…

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Shortstop Cut Off Techniques

shortstop cutoff techniques

The shortstop must use proper technique when playing in cut off situations, because the plays are very close to third base and home plate, and in some cases second base as well.  In this shortstop drill sequence, we are focusing on cutoff position based on a throw from the outfield. Throw from the outfield If…

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The Shortstop and Playing 2nd Base

SHORTSTOP playing 2nd base

The Shortstop is considered to be among the most demanding defensive positions.  Unlike the pitcher and catcher, who must start every play in a designated area, the shortstop and the other fielders can vary their positioning in response to what they anticipate will be the actions of the batter and runner(s) once the play begins. …

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