These baseball practice drills are dual purpose-conditioning and base running.   You will see rapid improvements in your players after implementing these in your baseball practices.

Conditioning/Baserunning Drill

Have an equal number of players at each base (home, 1B, 2B, 3B ).
The first player in line at each base starts at the same time on the coach’s command.

The runner at home takes an imaginary swing (with a bat) and sprints through 1B (hitting the front of the bag), and breaks down as he would had he just hit a single.

The runner at 1B sprints to 2B on an all out steal, sliding to the outside of the bag (as if a throw is coming from the catcher).

The runner at 2B comes off the bag as if a fly ball is hit to RF, returns, tags up and sprints to 3B executing a pop-up slide.

The runner at 3B comes off the bag hard, dives back into 3B turning his head away from the field (as if a throw was coming to 3B), then jumps to his feet and sprints home ensuring he touches the middle of the plate.

We go through this drill long enough to have every player go through all four bases at least two to three times.