To give batters hitting reps in a high pressure situation

Drill Setup

  • Line of batters at home plate with a bat
  • Full defensive outfield and infield – everyone playing defense except the pitcher and the catcher
  • Coach stands on the pitcher’s mound with a bucket of balls

How it Works

  1. Every batter is working with a 2 pitch count
  2. Coach pitches to batter, who then tries to make contact and get to 1st before the defense can get him out.
  3. Regardless of the outcome after the play the batter rotates out to left field with every other player on defense sliding down a spot
  4. Next batter steps up to plate, repeat

Coaching Tips

  • You can elevate the stakes by making it a tournament, with the players who successfully advance to 1st moving onto the next round
  • Keep going until there is one player left – your Clutch Batting Champion!

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