To get players reps working on fundamental infielder skills

Drill Setup

  • Players line up at 1st, 2nd, shortstop, and 3rd base.
  • You’ll also need a catcher at home.
  • Coaches will line up in the batters box and just off the 3rd base foul line.

How it Works

  1. Coach at home plate hits a grounder to either shortstop or 2nd baseman.
  2. Player corrals ball.
  3. At same time, coach on foul line rolls a grounder to 3rd baseman who will also corral the ball.
  4. Whichever of the 2nd baseman and short stop didn’t step out to field the ball will cover 2nd and receive a throw from his teammate.
  5. The 3rd baseman will make the throw to 1st base, and 2nd base will make the throw to home.

Coaching Tips

  • For safety, have the middle infielders (2nd base and shortstop) take a couple steps further back than they would normally, just to make sure they are well out of the way of any throws coming across the infield.
  • About halfway through the drill, have the 3rd base coach head over to the 1st base foul line, and have the 1st basemen get reps making a play on the grounder and throwing to 3rd.

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