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In this blog, I’ll provide the best tips, techniques, and strategies for coaching youth baseball. Whether you a rookie coach of a T-ball team or a super-competitive bench-boss on a varsity high school squad, I’ll give you the tools you need to reach your youth baseball goals.

Baseball Fundamental Drills- From The Tee

Even professionals will go back to the basics of using a tee. It helps batters focus on their target area to hit a baseball. Encourage your players to use a tee to work on the fundamentals of hitting.

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Baseball Drills for Kids – Eye on the Spot

Teaching young players the need to keep their eye on the ball might not always be as effective as we as coaches would like. This baseball drill for kids focuses things on a much smaller area of the ball.

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Baseball Skills and Drills – Tag Out

Players at this age often understand how to get players out at first base and they may have also learned the basics of a force out play. But, they must also learn about tagging players out at bases. Before this drill, you need to teach players the difference between a force out and a tag out.

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Beginner Baseball Drills- Step Away Toss

Learning to throw and catch are two of the most basic elements of baseball. With this beginner baseball drill, you can do both, and help the arms of the children condition themselves to throw longer and shorter distances. One of the frustrating parts of coaching young players is they don’t have a sense of throwing softly and throwing harder (for long distance).

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Little League Drills- Ball to First

It is important for little league players to understand what happens when the ball is hit and it comes to them. Most will be focused on actually stopping the ball, but when they do secure it in their gloves, they need to know where to throw it. Ball to first is a great addition to your other little league drills.

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