It requires three [tag]baseball coach[/tag]es to manage this high energy drill.  It creates game-like intensity while promoting an aggressive approach to hitting.  These [tag]fun baseball drills[/tag] will become the favorite of every team you coach.

Coach #1 pitches from the front of the mound.
Coach #2 manages the hitters
Coach #3 manages the transition of hitters and fielders.

• With a 12 to 14 man roster, put a full defensive team in the field (minus a pitcher)
• Create a lineup of your remaining 4 to 6 players
• Coach #2’s job is to manage the dugout and lineup which without leadership can become chaotic
• With Coach #1 pulling balls from a bucket, pitch to the first batter.

  • o   All batters start with 2 strikes on them
  • o   A strikeout ends the batters term as a “hitter”
  • o   Every hit is live and the defense is trying to end each batter’s term as a “hitter” by getting them out
  • o   If the batter hits safely, he remains in the lineup at the end of the line
  • o   Batters can stay in the lineup as long as they continue to hit safely

• If the hitter is out in any way (strikeout or in the field), he rotates back to the field (sprinting at all times)
• Coach #3 walks the field and upon any “hitter” getting out, he taps the next field on the head and they spring in to the dugout to get a helmet and a bat.  They then take their place in the end of the lineup.  They are replaced in the field by the [tag]baseball[/tag] player that last got out.

This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] re-creates “game like” intensity for both fielders and batters.  It also promotes a very aggressive mentality in your hitters while promoting a good eye and dramatically reduces your called third strikes throughout the year.

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