To teach the importance of visualization when it comes to hitting

Drill Setup

  • Have the players grab their helmets, spread out and form a circle
  • The coach will step into the middle of the circle

How it Works

  1. Batters get into stance, and drill begins when coach goes into the windup and starts the pitching motion
  2. As the coach goes through the pitching motion, they will call out a pitch location – for example: low strike! – and the players will react accordingly, visualizing the pitch and then stride, load and swing through the ball
  3. If the coach calls out a ball – players must take the pitch!

Coaching Tips

  • To make this drill a fun team competition, you can eliminate any player that swings on a ball, and continue round after round until there is only one batter left!
  • For sudden death, last player to swing is eliminated!


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