To teach fielders the proper foot and hand positioning for fielding ground balls

Drill Setup

  • Players pair off, grab a ball, their gloves, and stand 10-5 yards apart, facing each other

How it Works

  1. Players roll each other grounders and field the ball using the triangle technique.
  2. After fielding the ball, players get into a low athletic stance ready to throw.
  3. Player will then throw to a grounder to their teammate, repeating the drill.

Coaching Tips

  • Before starting, show players how to field a ball using the triangle technique: feet wide, knees slightly bent, and the glove on the ground with a hand on top to secure the ball as soon as it comes in.
  • After a couple reps, have the roller start rolling the ball wide of their partner, forcing them to slide in front of the ball before they can use the triangle technique.

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