Here are a couple of unique training tools that I have used for [tag]youth baseball drills[/tag].   If you’re like me I am always looking for fresh ideas and fun ways to keep the players attention and hone their [tag]baseball[/tag] skills.

Recently I purchased a large plastic ball ( 8-9″) that claims to bounce 75 feet at a large local sports store. My thought was I could motivate the kids a bit more for their efforts in practice and use the ball for a fifteen minute quick game (with coaches) at the end of [tag]baseball practice[/tag].

I let them touch and see the ball at the beginning, knowing what may happen after a disciplined practice. I believed the kids would gain confidence by swinging at a larger ball, hitting farther than usual, all while I make sure they are working their swing. Making sure, grip, stance, trigger and swing plane follow through. A complete success, the kids can’t wait to play again.

I frequently have problems with the players not stepping straight while we are trying to get them hit up the middle.   They always want to step out to third base.

I got a foam tube swimming float and placed it behind their feet (so if they step out and step on it they won’t trip) to teach them to step out straight towards the pitcher.

Just a small idea to help them learn to step out straight and not out towards third base.