Here is one of my favorite [tag]baseball drills for little kids[/tag]. Everyone knows that kids who are new to [tag]tee-ball[/tag] need to learn the field positions. So during the first couple of practices after we walked the field, we played “What’s that position?”

I have all the players line up behind home plate coming up one at a time. My assistant coach will run to any position on the field and the player first in line has to name the position.

If the player knows it, great, if not, no problem. I just say the position and have the team repeat it after me. Then the player would run to first base. We keep going one by one naming the positions and running the bases.

This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] helps kids learn the positions while also learning how to run to each base and stop at each base, waiting to be told when to run to the next base. So, you get field position learning with base running technique in one drill.