pitcher double plays baseball defensive drill

Pitcher Double Plays

Purpose Infielders practice turning 1-6-3 and 1-4-3 double plays. Drill Setup Line up players at Pitcher, 2B, SS, and 1B Coach is with fungo bat left of home plate How it Works Fungo

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alternating double plays baseball defensive drill

Alternating Double Plays

Purpose Infielders practice turning 5-4-3 and 6-4-3 double plays. Drill Setup Lines of players at Pitcher, Catcher and Short 1B Coach with fungo bat up the third baseline How it Works Fungo 1

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Covering Overthrows

Purpose Pitcher works on backing up a base and catching overthrows. Drill Setup Pitcher stands on the mound. Coach is in left-center field. How it Works Pitcher simulates a pitch to home. He

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wild pitch baseball defensive drill

Wild Pitch Drill

Purpose Catcher and Pitcher practice recovering after a wild pitch with runner on third Drill Setup Lines of players at Pitcher and Catcher positions How it Works Pitcher delivers pitch to home plate.

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Bunt Defense Drill

Purpose In this defense drill, offense learns to bunt a runner over, while the defense learns to work together to execute good bunt defense. Set Up Infielders set up at their positions.

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“Around The Horn” Defense Drill

Purpose Infielders learn to make throws to possible double play situations. Set Up Infielders take their positions. Execution Catcher rolls the ball out in front of home, fields it and throws to first. First

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Perfect Outs Defense Drill

Purpose The purpose of this drill is to improve general team defense. Set Up Have players take their positions on the field. Coach is at-bat. Execution Defense is required to make a certain number

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