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When running baseball hitting drills, encourage your players to be patient and selective, choose a bat they can handle, and step up to the plate with a plan in mind. Focus on making solid contact and trying to hit the ball up the middle during baseball hitting drills.

Baseball Drills for Hitting with Speed and Power

Welcome to our hitting workout complete with baseball drills, fundamentals, and techniques that you need to become a better hitter in a ballgame. Bat Behind the Back Baseball Drill Hitting begins below the waist, and if we can get our lower half started and keep our upper body intact, we’ve got a great chance not…

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Tips for the Perfect Hitting Stance! (PLUS Video Drill!)


Today, we are sharing some tips to achieving the perfect hitting stance, as well as an awesome mirror drill that you can use to ensure you are executing proper hitting stance mechanics. When you’re talking about hitting, your stance is the only part of the swing that the pitcher does not have impact upon. Pitchers…

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The Mental Game of Baseball Hitting

mental game of baseball hitting

The Mental Game of Baseball Hitting Yogi Berra once said “You can’t hit and think at the same time.”  Trust and confidence in the swing is gained through dedicated practice and game experience, swing repetition and recall. An inexperienced hitter relies on his day to day practice improvements to gain confidence in his swing.  An…

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The Bunting Power Pack! 8 Awesome Baseball Bunting Drills

8 baseball bunting drills

Whether you hit for power, hit for average, or even if you have trouble hitting, you can always help your team in critical situations by laying down a successful bunt. Bunts can help win ball games, so everyone who swings a bat should know how to properly execute a successful bunt. Bunting occurs when a…

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Isometric Hitting Drills for Hitting Power!

isometric hitting drills for hitting power

Isometric drills are done without movement. The purpose is to isolate specific muscles in the body and strengthening them to receive a quicker bat. Today, I am sharing 3 Isometric Hitting Drills that you can do anytime. You just need a pole and a bat. They are good strength gainers because you are doing the…

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