Bunt & Run

The bunt & run drill will have players bunting the ball with the fielders making the plays on the field in a real game-like situation!

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Two Tee Baseball Hitting Drill

Two Tee Drill

Using a batting tee allows you to isolate the aspect of your swing that you want to work on. In this drill, batters have an opportunity to practice hitting the ball out in front of the body.

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See The Ball Baseball Hitting Drill

See The Ball

Using a batting tee allows you to isolate the aspect of your swing that you want to work on. This drill allows the batter to work on keeping his head still.

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Grounders Only Tee Ball

In this scrimmage variation, using the tee speeds up the pace of the game and gives your team more repetitions in a shorter time. Hitters can work on their swing mechanics, while fielders can practice fielding ground balls and throwing out runners.

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Bunt Visualization

The object of bunting is to deaden the ball as it hits your bat, causing the ball to roll away from the catcher and toward either the first or third baseman. But you don't want the ball to roll too quickly! This hitting drill helps players develop proper bunting technique and timing.

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String Drill Baseball Hitting Drill

String Drill

This drill is great for batters who over-stride or step out on their swing.  The string forces them to get used to taking a good, short stride.

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Drop Ball Baseball Hitting Drill

Drop Ball Drill

This drill simulates a high speed fastball to the batter and really stresses the importance of getting the hands moving in order to hit that ball.

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Pinball Baseball Hitting Drill


Use this drill to reinforce to players to stay on top of the ball through their swing, as well as improving their ability to hit under pressure.

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Basketball Power Drill

This drill trains hitters to swing through the point of contact and hit for more power. Try creating a progression from your lightest ball to your heaviest (i.e.. volleyball, soccer ball, basketball).   Then have the hitter take 5 swings with a normal baseball and feel the difference.

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