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When running baseball hitting drills, encourage your players to be patient and selective, choose a bat they can handle, and step up to the plate with a plan in mind. Focus on making solid contact and trying to hit the ball up the middle during baseball hitting drills.

The One Hand Hitting Drill

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a great hitting drill called “The One Hand Hitting Drill”. In this drill, we are trying to build up strength in their front forearm, which will result in greater bat speed and they can have a quick bat through the strike zone. Equipment needed: Bat, Ball, Tee…

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Baseball Hitting: Bunting Basics

In today’s video blog post, we are talking about Bunting Basics, and I am going to share two bunting techniques. We are also going to cover hand positioning, and the benefits of using one bunting style over the other. Baseball Hitting: Bunting Basics Everyone is familiar with the bunt, and the different situations you might…

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Batting Tips: Strong Stance = Strong Hitter

As a coach, I spend alot of time showing my players the importance of building their swing from the ground up. And while the lower body and torso are the most important parts of building a good swing, that doesn’t mean we should completely neglect the upper body. Learning how to transfer the power from…

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Video Tutorial: Baseball Hitting & the Six Ball Theory

In today’s video, you’ll get a quick introduction to baseball hitting, particularly what’s called the six ball theory. This is a baseball hitting theory that helps us be able to hit all pitches. With young hitters, they pull off the ball too much. When you do this, it makes it much more difficult to hit…

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Baseball Drills for Hitting with Speed and Power

Welcome to our hitting workout complete with baseball drills, fundamentals, and techniques that you need to become a better hitter in a ballgame. Bat Behind the Back Baseball Drill Hitting begins below the waist, and if we can get our lower half started and keep our upper body intact, we’ve got a great chance not…

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