See The Ball Baseball Hitting Drill

See The Ball

Purpose Batter works on keeping his head still. Set Up Batter stands at the batting tee. Instructions Batter gets into good stance beside tee. The tee is empty - no ball is placed

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Grounders Only Tee Ball

Purpose In this scrimmage variation, using the tee speeds up the pace of the game and gives your team more repetitions in a shorter time. Hitters can work on their swing

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Swing and Sprint Drill

Purpose Helps players learn to get out of the box quickly, emphasizing the acceleration phase of the sprint to first. Drill Setup You can run this drill in the infield, or set

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split hand baseball hitting drill

Split Hand Drill

Purpose Helps batter feel his top hand when he swings. Drill Setup Batter stands at tee. You can create your own tee using rubber tubing and cement or a rubber cone set

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Bottle Cap Drill

Purpose This is a great drill to develop and hone hand-eye coordination. Drill Setup Batter gets in stance. Coach or another player stands in front. Instead of balls, you’ll be using bottle

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Bunt Off

Purpose A fun, competitive game that improves bunting accuracy and consistency. Drill Setup Using cones or chalk, mark off an area similar to the diagram below. Split your players into teams of

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Bunt Visualization

Purpose Helps players develop proper bunting technique and timing. Drill Setup One coach works with a group of players in this drill. Find a space in the field and have all players

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Two Tee Baseball Hitting Drill

Two Tee Drill

Purpose Batter practices hitting the ball out in front of the body. Drill Setup Place two tees at the plate. Tee 1 should be at batter's belly button and approximately waist high.

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Positive Negative Baseball Hitting Drill

Positive Negative Drill

Purpose Develops balance during the swing. Drill Setup Batter stands at home plate. Coach draws a line in the dirt at the center of the batter's body. How it Works Batter gets into

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String Drill Baseball Hitting Drill

String Drill

Purpose Batter practices taking a good, short stride Drill Setup Batter stands in normal batting stance with string tied from one ankle to the other. How it Works Measure the batter's normal stride

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Drop Ball Baseball Hitting Drill

Drop Ball Drill

Purpose Emphasizes getting into trigger position. Drill Setup Batter gets in stance in front of net. Coach stands to the opposite side of the batter holding a ball. How it Works Coach holds

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Pinball Baseball Hitting Drill


Purpose To reinforce to players to stay on top of the ball through their swing, as well as improving their ability to hit under pressure. Drill Setup Setup 3 buckets upside down

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Back Toss Baseball Hitting Drill

Back Toss Drill

Purpose Helps vision and ball tracking, while teaching hitters to keep their hands inside the ball. Drill Setup For younger teams, assign a coach or parent helper to each player, who will

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Basketball Power Drill

Purpose Trains hitters to swing through the point of contact and hit for more power. Drill Setup Set up a tee over home plate and place a slightly deflated basketball, soccer ball

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Carry The Team

Purpose A fun, game-like drill that practices hitting, baserunning and fielding. Drill Setup Split your players into three even teams of roughly 4-5 players each. Two teams fill out the defensive positions

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Bat Throwing Drill

Purpose This drill works on developing a full swing. Drill Setup Batter takes top of tee or a bat or other similar item and gets in normal stance. How it Works Batter gets

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Curveball Flip Drill

Purpose Teaches batter to hit the curveball. Drill Setup Batter gets in stance in front of net. Coach kneels or sits to the side of the net and the batter. Use a

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