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It’s always a good idea to have a repertoire of baseball indoor drills to use in the off-season or during bad weather. While playing inside, make sure players are aware of their surroundings… safety should be your #1 concern while running indoor baseball drills.

Short Distance Batting Practice Drills for Bat Speed & Power

short distance batting practice drills

What is Bat Speed? Bat Speed: Bat speed is measured in miles per hour (MPH) and considers only the highest speed of the bat head (peak ve­locity) through the hitting zone. Only the best hitters reach their highest bat speed just PRIOR to contact with the baseball. Most hitters produce high bat speeds through their…

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Indoor Ball Handling Baseball Drill

With this drill we practice grounders, short and long throws, running toss and underhand toss while maintaining alertness to the changing requirements of the catch and throw from each new position. Indoor Ball Handling Baseball Drill Useful when space is limited, such as gymnasium. Station players at 4 corners of “gym” (for convenience these are…

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Indoor Baseball Drill – Soft Hands Drill

When you live in a cold weather state you find yourself spending a lot of time inside a gym. This drill is to get the kids quick soft hands. Soft Hands Drill We like to pair the kids up. Give them a 5 tennis ball each. Have the first player on 1 knee start 12…

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Baseball Indoor Defensive Drills – One Minute Drill

This is great for indoor practices to work on accuracy in throwing. The object of the drill is to test the accuracy of the thrower in a one minute period. One Minute Drill Put on object on a traffic cone–(you can use a stuffed animal, a baseball, a nerf ball-depending on the age you are…

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Indoor Baseball Drills and Error Free Ball

To end our indoor practice we usually do some sort of relay that involves the indoor baseball drills we have learned. We stress the importance of paying attention to the rules of the relay. The one relay the players love goes as follows: Indoor Baseball Relay Drill 1. Form 2 lines 2. Have a ball…

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