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In this blog, I’ll provide the best tips, techniques, and strategies for coaching youth baseball. Whether you a rookie coach of a T-ball team or a super-competitive bench-boss on a varsity high school squad, I’ll give you the tools you need to reach your youth baseball goals.

Drills to Help Your Players Gain Explosive Speed and Body Control

fast baseball drills

During today’s blog post, we’re going to go over a variety of youth baseball drills that will help your players improve their speed, balance, and body control. Linear Run and Stick Here we want to work on our balance and body control for change of direction. Start with linear runs by sticking and holding your…

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How to Work with Your Outfielders to Get Them Ready for the Game

Baseball Outfielder Drills

When you’re coaching youth baseball (and any type of baseball, actually) it’s important to spend adequate time on each position. Today we’re going to talk about a workout that’s ideal for your outfielders. So oftentimes as we work with young kids, we get the connotation with outfielders that the weaker players are put there for…

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How to Increase Your Players’ Speed and Power

Falling Runs Youth Baseball Drill

We want to share with you some youth baseball drills that are going to help make your baseball players better athletes. Great athletes need quickness, explosiveness, and balance in order to maximize potential during the game. Improve Acceleration with Falling Runs For this drill, have your players stand tall with good posture. They should suck…

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Kids Baseball Drills to Get Explosive Speed

baseball drills

We want to share with you some kids baseball drills that are going to help make your baseball players better athletes. Successful athletes need great speed, quickness, explosiveness, and balance–all these basic athletic skills maximize potential during a baseball game. Linear and Lateral Jump and Stick Drill Here we’re working on balance and stability of…

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How to Improve Youth Catching Skills

Last year I decided to do a drill with my 7 – 9 yr olds who had a hard time catching the ball properly. Using this technique my players really improved their catching skills. Catching Drill for Youth Players What I did was purchase the round Velcro padded mitt with a tennis ball type ball,…

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