Wild Pitch Prep

Purpose To practice handling a wild pitch when a runner is on 3rd base. Drill Setup Place your infield players in their regular positions. Place a runner on 3rd base. Coach stands

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Recovery Drill

Purpose To practice recovering the ball in front of the body after an error or bad bounce. Drill Setup Divide team into pairs, players line up across from each other forming two

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Crow Hop Corners Baseball Outfield Drill

Crow Hop Corners

Purpose To practice using a crow hop to generate momentum for long distance throws. Drill Setup Divide your players into groups of fours. Have each foursome make a square shape with about

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Underhand Flip Force Out

Purpose To practice using the underhand flip to get force outs at second base. Drill Setup Make two lines of players - one line at the shortstop position, the other at second

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first and third cutoff play baseball fielding drill

First and Third Cutoff Play

Purpose Middle infielders work on first and third reads when trying to catch a baserunner stealing. Drill Setup Pitcher, Catcher, 2B and SS in regular positions How it Works Pitcher delivers ball to

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comebacker double play baseball fielding drill

Comebacker Double Play

Purpose Pitcher practices fielding a comebacker then turning a 1-2-3 double play Drill Setup Pitcher, catcher and Short 1B in regular positions How it Works Pitcher delivers pitch to home. Catcher throws comebacker

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Crossover Baseball Fielding Drill

Crossover Drill

Purpose Outfielders practice making adjustments on a fly ball. Drill Setup Player and coach stand roughly 10-15 yards apart in an open space. How it Works Coach throws a fly ball over the

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Baseball Target Fielding Drill

Target Drill

Purpose Helps fielders make long, accurate throws to a target. Drill Setup Player sets up in an open space or outfield. Another player sits on a stool roughly 20-30 yards away, standing

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Two Ball Baseball Fielding Drill

Two Ball Drill

Purpose Improves outfielder’s reaction to the ball. Also, a good conditioning drill. Drill Setup Player and coach stand roughly 10-15 yards apart in an open space. How it Works Coach throws a ball

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collapse drill for baseball fielding

Collapse Drill

Purpose Have players take their positions on the field, including pitcher and catcher. Coach is at-bat. Drill Setup Make sure players are backing up bases correctly, especially outfielders. How it Works Coach announces

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Grounders Only Tee Ball

Purpose In this scrimmage variation, using the tee speeds up the pace of the game and gives your team more repetitions in a shorter time. Hitters can work on their swing

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Interceptor Baseball Outfield Drill

Interceptor Drill

Purpose To practice fielding line-drive balls using the crossover step and drop step. Also develops outfield communication skills. Drill Setup There are three people involved in this drill: The Coach (CH), the

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On The Run Baseball Outfielder Drill

On The Run

Purpose To practice catching balls while on the run. Drill Setup Players form a single file line with their gloves on as shown. Coach has a bucket of baseballs and stands beside

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One Step Back Partner Throwing

Purpose To improve throwing technique and arm strength. Drill Setup Group your players into pairs based on similar throwing/catching abilities. All players should have a glove, and one player in the pair

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3 Ball Throw

Purpose Practices throwing and baserunning in a fun, game-like situation. Drill Setup Split your players into two teams. The offensive team lines up behind home plate. The defensive team lines up behind

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9 Outs Fielding Drill

Purpose A fun, competitive game that works on fielding situations under game-like pressure. Drill Setup Divide your players into two teams - one takes the field while the others line up at

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Dive Play Drill

Purpose This drill practices a situation in which a player must dive for the ball and QUICKLY return to his feet to make the throw. The focus of this drill is

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