3 Steps to Improving Your Defense!

During this blog post, we’re going to talk about one youth baseball drill that is sure to help strengthen your team’s defense. Breaking Down the Crow Hop Technique The crow hop is the essential part for any advanced outfielder’s ability to play that particular position. It’s important for two reasons: number one, it helps us…

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Video Tutorial: Baseball Hitting & the Six Ball Theory

In today’s video, you’ll get a quick introduction to baseball hitting, particularly what’s called the six ball theory. This is a baseball hitting theory that helps us be able to hit all pitches. With young hitters, they pull off the ball too much. When you do this, it makes it much more difficult to hit…

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Baseball Drills for Hitting with Speed and Power

Welcome to our hitting workout complete with baseball drills, fundamentals, and techniques that you need to become a better hitter in a ballgame. Bat Behind the Back Baseball Drill Hitting begins below the waist, and if we can get our lower half started and keep our upper body intact, we’ve got a great chance not…

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Tips for the Perfect Hitting Stance! (PLUS Video Drill!)


Today, we are sharing some tips to achieving the perfect hitting stance, as well as an awesome mirror drill that you can use to ensure you are executing proper hitting stance mechanics. When you’re talking about hitting, your stance is the only part of the swing that the pitcher does not have impact upon. Pitchers…

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“Charge The Ball” Fielding Drill

charge the ball fielding drill

This fielding drill demonstrates the correct technique to use when a runner is on base. When there is a man on 2nd base and there’s a ground ball hit out to the outfielder, the fielder has to come to the ball with his glove out to the side of his foot, right into a crow…

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