Try these ideas for [tag]fun baseball drills[/tag]. Both of these [tag]baseball drills[/tag] include players’ parents so the motivation is really enhanced.   I call the first drill “Where’s the play?”

Put all the players in positions. Get four parents or [tag]baseball coach[/tag]es to act as runners.

To eliminate the physical part of the play and help the players concentrate on their mental assignments, tie a rope to a large object like a big plastic jug.

Give the players the situation and set up your runners appropriately (it is important to use real runners to help them visualize) – two out, runners on first and second — then throw the object onto the field to show it is in play. For a grounder to short, throw it along the ground at the shortstop (the rope will keep it from getting there).

Have the players ghost the play and yell freeze after they have committed. Ask two or three of them what they in the process of doing.   Correct and explain. Repeat over and over with different scenarios.

My BEST [tag]baseball drill[/tag] has been putting my players in their positions on the [tag]baseball[/tag]   field.   I use their parents as runners. Then I hit the ball to different positions forcing them to throw the runners out.

They love it!