A fun, competitive game that works on fielding situations under game-like pressure.

Drill Setup

  • Divide your players into two teams – one takes the field while the others line up at home plate.   Coach stands on the third baseline with a bat and balls.
9 Outs Baseball Fielding Drill
The defensive team must make 9 consecutive outs without making an error

How it Works

  1. The object of this game is for the defense to make 9 consecutive outs without making an error.
  2. The first players on the baserunning team steps into the box with a helmet but no bat.
  3. Coach will hit balls to different players in the infield and outfield.   The fielding team tries to get the baserunner out.
  4. If the fielding team makes an error, the out count goes immediately back down to zero.
  5. Continue until the fielding team has made 9 outs in a row, or 10 minutes has passed without success.   Rotate the teams and repeat.

Coaching Tips

  • If you don’t have enough players for two full teams, just fill the infield positions.
  • Add in baserunners to force the defense to react to different situations.
  • Give them opportunities to make double plays.
  • Make it harder: Fielding team must make a double play to get the 8th and 9th outs and get off the field.
  • Make it easier: Roll or throw the ball to fielders instead of hitting.   Make the goal 3 or 6 outs without an error.