Getting caught not tagging up is a major frustration for coaches.   Players often leave a bag too early or they don’t even stay on the bag at all.   Getting players prepared to tag up on fly balls can be an advantage when it’s time to score runs. Try these [tag]baseball agility drills[/tag] to enhance these skills.

Baseball Agility Drills

What you need (set up):   You will need runners on all four bases, with the rest of the players lining up at home plate waiting for their turn to run the [tag]drill[/tag].   The coach will stand in the middle of the infield, on the mound.

How this drill works:   With all of the runners at their bases, they start by leading off.   The [tag]baseball[/tag] coach will toss themselves a high fly ball and while the players are waiting for the ball to come down, they plan their tag up for when the coach catches the ball.  

Once the coach catches the ball, the players are prepared to advance to the next base.   Other coaches or players can sit and be the judge to see if players leave bases too early, or if they are not tagged up when the ball is caught.

Results:   Players will learn to anticipate the ball being caught when it is a fly ball.   They will be able to make a quick break on the ball after it has been caught.   This is going to be very valuable when the time comes to advance runners on a fly ball.