To improve [tag]baseball base running[/tag] with my players I use this relay for our [tag]baseball drill[/tag].   It is a fun way for the boys to build speed and compete to get around the bases as quick as possible.

I pick two “team Captains” and put half the boys on first, and half on third. Then we run a relay race where the two teams compete to see who can get around the bases (touching all four) quickest.

If anyone misses a base, interferes with the opposing runner or if your team loses the race, that team dose 10 push-ups. I then let the captain of the losing team pick one boy from the winning team and the wining captain pick one boy from the losing team (can’t pick the captain) and do it again.

Once a boy has been “traded” he cant be traded again.

**Make sure they use proper [tag]base running[/tag] technique of course.

I   also like to increase the boys speed by putting them on the bases and have them race around, first one back to the base wins. I coach little league [tag]baseball[/tag] so this is a simple way to get them use to running the bases.