I was at practice last night and used theses [tag]baseball batting drills[/tag] that two of my subscribers sent to me.   Give them a try, very creative!Baseball Batting Drills - Bunt Game

From Monty”¦
This is a [tag]baseball hitting drill[/tag] I use with my team.

Bunt Game
Draw numbered boxes in front of home plate — 0 points too close to home plate, 0 points too close to fielders, 1 point for about 5 feet from the plate, 2 points a littler farther away, up to 3 points for spots down the first- and third-base lines.

Divide into two teams. Coach pitches, and each batter gets one pitch to get the bunt down. Alternate pitches to the teams and keep going through the lineup until the score reaches 21. Losers take a lap or whatever penalty or reward the [tag]baseball coach[/tag] wants.

From Skip”¦
This soft toss [tag]baseball[/tag] hitting drill is designed for the batter to wait, keep their weight back.

Put a cinder block where home plate would be.   The batter takes their normal stance with the cinder block representing home plate.   The feeder stands behind the batter and bounces a ball on the cinder block so the ball comes straight up.   The batter must wait until the ball is on its downward motion. The batter swings at the ball.   Good [tag]baseball drill[/tag] to have batter keep weight back and wait for a breaking ball.