If you’re looking for baseball batting drills, here’s a simple way to teach hitters ball control (direction and placement), rather than simply sending them out to bat and blaze away.   I call it “Controlled Hitting“.

In groups of say two’s or three’s, have one group positioned at left field, one group at center field and one group at right field.   Last group at home base.

Either by side toss or Fungo hit, direct the hitter to hit to a particular group.   The idea is not to hit past them, but actually control the swing to an exact target.   Additionally, you can direct them to hit either fly balls, or drive along the ground.   Hit about a dozen balls each, change hitter, then when all through, rotate clockwise until all have hit.

Once they have mastered this drill, I find that in a game situation, they can then hit away from the fielders (or hit at weak fielders) with much more reliability and accuracy.