If you’re looking for [tag]baseball batting drills[/tag] to boost your team’s hitting skills try these. We have a [tag]baseball hitting drill[/tag] that we made into a game and the boys love doing.

Take a batting tee and place a soccer ball on it about 20-25 feet away.   Next either soft toss or set up another tee and the boys try to hit line drives into the soccer ball.   The first one to hit the ball wins.

Sometimes we place it about 10-15 feet away making it a little easier and the hitter gets the choice of if they hit the ball in 3 cuts the rest of the team does 10 push-ups if they miss they do 5.   The kids end up doing a good 100 push-ups spread out of course but love every one of them.

Here are some other [tag]baseball drills[/tag] we like to start off with:

1. Soft toss plastic golf balls to your [tag]baseball[/tag] players. This makes them have to really concentrate on hand eye coordination and a small target.
2. Then jump up to plastic whiffle balls. This helps them build their confidence in changing to a larger ball.
3. Then jump them up to colored 12″ soft balls. When I soft toss them the ball I make them call out the color. This makes sure they are concentrating on the ball all the way through the swing.

As I do these baseball drills we are also working on the basic fundamentals.