The hit and run is an excellent play to teach at the high school  age, because it builds on some of the [tag]baseball batting drills[/tag] & skills that have been learned in prior years.  

What you need (set up):   To start, you might want to hit from a tee, just so the hitters can aim their swing where the hole is going to be in the lineup.   You will need a runner on first base, and infielders at all of the infield positions.

How this drill works:   Like any hit and run play, the object is to have the ball hit through the hole left when the second baseman goes to cover the appearance ofBaseball Batting Drills the steal.   The runners will be awarded one point if they execute a good hit and run, with both players being safe on their bases.   The defense will get three points for a double play, two points for getting the man running to second out, and one point for getting the man going to first out.   No points if all runners are safe.

You can alter this drill a little by putting the hit and run on with a runner at second, or, you can have player at first and third, with the hit and run in the middle.  

Further, you can add a pitcher to make it more difficult to hit the ball into the hole.   This is a great next step for batters in this drill.

Results:   This [tag]baseball[/tag] drill achieves two primary things:   first, it helps batters and runners learn the effectiveness of the hit and run, and further helps batters utilize their skills of hitting to a hole.   But, this drill also help the fielders learn how to react to a hit and run situation and how to play the best defense against it.

This would be a great combination drill to run in a practice where you are trying to teach read and reaction for your infielders, and also hitting skills for your batters.