Here are a couple of [tag]baseball batting practice[/tag] ideas that I use year after year with my teams.   These [tag]baseball drills[/tag] are simple and effective.   Try them with your younger players for quick batting skill improvements.

Bunting Drills
If you’re having a hard time getting a kid to square up and make contact during a bunt take the bat away from him and replace it with his glove.   Then put him in the batting cage or in the batter’s box and throw pitches at him forcing him to square like he has a bat, hold his hands like he has a bat but catch the ball with his glove hand.

This helps to eliminate the fear the kids have of squaring up against a pitch and helps to reinforce the visual perception he needs to catch the [tag]baseball[/tag] with the bat.

Another simple, yet effective way to get kids to step towards the pitcher when batting goes like this.   Place a 2 x 4 board about 5 feet in length behind the batter’s feet.   As the boy swings into the pitch, he is to move his feet in parallel with the board so as not to step on the board.   If he steps on the board, then he’s not moving into the pitch and towards the pitcher’s mound effectively.   Doesn’t take long for them to step to the pitch and stay off the board.