Take a look at this submission from Gary.   A great example of [tag]baseball batting practice drills[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Baseball Batting Practice Drills

From Gary”¦
Here is one of the things we did that has helped us this winter.
We have just came outside after being inside all winter so to make [tag]batting cage[/tag] fun and productive and unboring as possible we did the following [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag]:
We marked the batting cage with tape so it would be divided into many projected [tag]hitting[/tag] areas, pop flies, short bouncy grounders, hard grounders, good projected fly balls and our favorite, [tag]line drives[/tag] going back up the middle.
Points are given to the hitting areas, most points to the best areas and least points to the worst. Points are taken away and lost if the ball is fouled off, swung at and missed or the batter swings at a bad pitch. All points are deleted if the batter strikes out and she has to start at zero and go from there.
Each batter is given 20 pitches per round, they hit two to three rounds each game(rounds are called innings).
You can tabulate the points both by inning and/or by game to come up with a winner.
The reward for the winner is anything you choose, but everyone wins because the emphasis is on getting a productive hit and not just swinging.

You can alter the game by making any situation at bat the point getter such as hitting a spot for an outside pitch, or laying down a great [tag]bunt[/tag]. The players should never get bored and the competitive juices will flow each day you do this.

This game kept us from going insane most of the winter and we have hit better now that we are outside and the players understand a little better about ball placement and all the things that go with this area.