Try this [tag]baseball bunting technique[/tag] with your team to improve your teams hitting skills.   The effects are immediate!

I teach my [tag]baseball[/tag] team that bunting is as simple as “catching the ball with the bat”.

To show this, I have the athlete stand in the batter’s box in sacrifice bunting position squared up to the pitching machine without a bat.   We use lite-flite foam balls and pitch to the batter.   The right handed batter then literally catches the ball with his right hand; a left handed batter catches the ball with his left hand.   Those are the hands that control the location of the bat.

This works really well when trying to teach a right handed hitter to bunt from the left side, because in most cases he usually catches the ball with his left hand anyway.   You could also use a harder ball and have the batter wear a mitt on his catching hand. After a few successful catches or deflections (it is sometimes difficult to squeeze the foam ball with a bare hand), put a bat in his hand.

You should find improvement in eye-hand-bat-ball coordination resulting in improved bunting skills which carry over to improved hitting as well.