One of my readers actually suggested this idea for [tag]baseball catcher drills[/tag]. I’ve included it for you below.   Check out the training game that Vernett sent in.Baseball Catcher Drills

From Vin”¦
This is an excellent [tag]baseball drill[/tag].   I have used it for a while.   It keeps the kids thinking.

I manage a team of mostly 11 and 12 year olds, but only 10 ten year olds are on the team.   The bases are 60 feet, but what I am teaching my catchers to do is with no one on or a runner on first to run up the line and backup first base on groundballs hit to second, short or third.   I also have the pitchers move towards first on anything hit to the right side.   I have had some parents say this is too much at this age, I disagree, especially since the 12 year olds move to Babe Ruth next season.

From Vernett”¦
Here’s a game I play with young [tag]baseball[/tag] players.

I use a large box (appliance size) and cut whole in it about chest high on most players. They must throw 10 balls into the box, first from 5 feet then with increasing distance.   For older kids, I put the box on first base, they field and throw to the box and get one point if they hit the box and two if it goes in. When the box wears out I replace it with another box but the whole is smaller.

They love the challenge.