These [tag]baseball catcher drills[/tag] are good for T-Ballers or “Coach Pitch” aged children.   At the age of 5-7, most kids do not have the hand/eye coordination to catch a [tag]baseball[/tag] when it’s a pop up or fly ball.

To help develop those skills, we play a game called “Bombs Away”.   The kids love it and “compete” when doing this [tag]baseball drill[/tag].   It has really helped the kids and the parents can easily do this one at home.

Bombs Away!
Using foam balls (soft) or a tennis ball, stand behind the player and drop the ball directly over their heads.
Kids should have hands up in position to catch the ball.
Start doing the drill without gloves to get used to the catching with two hands.
Break up in 3 or 4 groups with an assistant coach running the drill for each group.
Graduate to using gloves after the kids get a feel for catching the ball.