Take a look at this submission from Ray in Palm Springs.   A great example of [tag]baseball catcher drills[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Baseball Catcher Drills

From Dan…
My [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is for catchers at 7 & 8 year olds.

Our league only allows to steal third base. So, we put the catcher in the catcher position and throw past balls or balls into mitt. Third basemen covering, they practice getting out of stance and getting to the [tag]baseball[/tag] and throwing down to third. (Third baseman is always yelling on a past ball either right or left depending where the ball goes.) Third baseman is also practicing his tags and positioning at the bag.

We also work on foul balls up around home plate,   the catcher again in the catcher position. We work with them on finding the ball and getting under it. Depending on the mask we teach them to remove or keep mask on. This has come up huge and helped in key times of some games.

One other baseball drill we do with the entire team.
Competition- we split team into two teams and put in right and left fields. The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] hits high pops alternating to each field. They get a point for catching the ball and a point for making a good throw to second base. A coach is there to make the judgment call and catch the ball as well as award the point. The players seemed to really like this skills game.