Are you looking for [tag]baseball catcher drills[/tag]?   This drill is excellent to   teach your catchers how to react to a wild pitch or when the catcher loses sight of the ball.

Wild Pitch Drill
The objective of this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is to make the pitchers redirect the catchers in the event of a pass-ball or wild-pitch in which the catchers loses sight of the [tag]baseball[/tag]. It is specially important with a runner on third base. If the catcher knows where the ball is this is not applicable.

Make the catcher bend his knees head down (not looking forward) in front of home plate. The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] should be positioned in front of the catcher with the ball on hand. The pitcher should be on the mound. The coach throws the ball left, right or to the back or on the front. And yells “go!” and retires out of the way.

The first movement should be for the catchers to look directly at the pitcher and he should signal with the right hand (if its to the right), left or down as he is moving to the catcher.

You can do variable as having an actual runner on third or time the drill. This drill could save you a game!