[tag]Baseball catching drills[/tag] are important to younger baseball players as they teach using two hands to catch the ball.  If you use something like Alligator arms (kids like alligators), it will give them a better understanding of what is expected of them when they field a ball. 

What you need:  Gloves and ballsBaseball Catching Drills

How this drill works:  Prior to the [tag]drill[/tag] starting, explain to the young baseball players the idea of how an alligator jaw works. Then show them how catching the ball and fielding grounders works the same way.  The ball is just like an alligator’s food, and they need to capture it with both hands.  Have the children stand in a single file line in the fielding ready position. When you roll the ball, have them place their glove down in front of the ball, and explain to them that when the ball reaches their glove, the other hand should clamp down to secure the ball – just like alligator jaws – but only with their arms.  You can do this with waist high throws and shoulder height throws as well.

Results:  With this drill, the younger [tag]baseball[/tag] players will soon loon the importance of ‘feeding the alligator,’ so to speak.  They will soon learn the concept of securing the ball in their glove with two hands.  This is especially helpful for younger players learning to field grounders properly. 

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    • Coach_Paul

      Hands for ground balls should not be positioned at 12 and 6. More like 2 and 6. Kids who use 12 and 6 get their 12 o’clock hand smashed with the ball repeatedly. It’s hard to throw the ball when your fingers are numb. If the ball bounces off the glove, it should end up in your chest. Yes, it’s better to be hit in the fingers than the face, but you want to learn the proper technique as early as possible. From the 2 o’clock position, a fielder can still get in there to secure the ball after it gets to the glove.

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