The [tag]baseball coach job[/tag] means you wear many different hats besides coaching how to play [tag]baseball[/tag].   You need a working knowledge of common sports [tag]injuries[/tag] and proper [tag]treatment[/tag].   Runner’s knee is one of the those injuries.Baseball Coach Job

Treatment and Recovery:   To treat [tag]runner’s knee[/tag], start with quadriceps [tag]exercises[/tag] which do not affect the knee, such as the sitting quad contractions, mentioned in the Prevention Section.   Avoid quadriceps exercises that include bending the knee, such as the jumping lunges and any quadriceps machines at a work-out facility, because these will put unnecessary pressure on the kneecap and groove.   It is also important to stretch the quadriceps.   To do so without causing further discomfort to the knee, kneel on the ground and put one foot on the floor in front of you, making a 90 degree angle with the leg.   Extend the other leg behind you, keeping the lower leg and knee on the floor.   Lean forward over your front knee, making sure not to let the knee extend over the ankle.   You may need to reposition your front knee.   This stretch lengthens the quadriceps without affecting the knee or forcing it to bend.

[tag]Massage[/tag] therapy also helps treat runner’s knee.   Massages should start at the top of the leg and work down, helping elongate the muscle and strengthen muscle fibers.   It also helps relieve muscle contractions, which pull the kneecap up and causes pain.

If pain has not lessened after a week or there is fluid buildup causing swelling, see a doctor for a diagnosis.