Here are a few more [tag]baseball coach tips[/tag] for helping your [tag]baseball[/tag] players increase the strength in their lower backs.Baseball Coach Tips  

Another lower back exercise is similar to the lower back raise, but it involves raising the legs as well.   At the same time, athletes should engage the lower back muscles to lift the shoulders and the legs off the ground.   Athletes should stay in this balanced position on their stomachs for 5 second intervals before lowering the shoulders and the legs back down to the ground.   Athletes should do 10 sets of these 5 second intervals.   During this exercise, the arms can either be kept behind the back of the athlete or out in front for added difficulty.

The final [tag]back exercise[/tag] begins the same way the lower back raise begins, with the athlete on the stomach with the palms flat on the floor near the armpits.   Athletes should again roll the shoulders back to engage the lower muscles and should raise the shoulders and chest off the floor.   Instead of raising and lowering the body, however, this exercise focuses on a long contraction of the muscle.   Athletes should hold this position as long as possible, usually around 10 seconds.   Athletes should do no more than 3 sets of these 10 second intervals.

Although athletes may not think they have given themselves a sufficient work-out, they will certainly feel the effects the next day!