It is important to have [tag]baseball coaching aids[/tag] to help you when your [tag]baseball[/tag] players get into fights.  Baseball Coaching Aids

If athletes are [tag]fighting[/tag], sit them down separately and speak with them, gently asking for the reason of their anger and asking what you can do to help.   When you have gotten both athletes’ takes on the situation, bring them together and talk through things with them.   Suggest a way that you three can work together to resolve the problem.   Sit down with the entire team and explain the issue you have targeted with your two fighting athletes.   Explain its importance to the whole team and ask if they have suggestions to fix it.   Make it a focus over the next few baseball practices, teaching your players the importance of addressing problems when they develop, respecting each other, and working out solutions acceptable to everyone.

The best way for a baseball [tag]coach[/tag] to prevent tensions in  his team is to talk things out from the beginning.   Tell your team that it is very important to you that everyone feel comfortable enough to talk to each other and to you, and that you want them to come to you if they have any problems or are unhappy.   Make it clear that actions such as fighting and sabotage are unacceptable, and that you will not tolerate them.   Ask players to speak to you if they are getting upset enough to fight with each other.