One of the chapters in all [tag]baseball coaching books[/tag] covers sports injuries.   It will cover the most common injuries–how to recognize them, prevent them and how to treat them.   Wrist sprain is common to many sports but especially [tag]baseball[/tag].Baseball Coaching Books

Description:   A [tag]wrist sprain[/tag] is an [tag]injury[/tag] to the ligaments of the wrist.   It usually occurs on the outside, either on the thumb side or the pinky side.   It can happen suddenly, when the wrist gets fallen on or smashed, or after several occurrences.   When an athlete falls on the wrist, the ligaments, tendons, and muscles take the majority of the beating, which causes the ligaments to stretch and tear.   This injury can be brought on by brittle, weak ligaments.

Sprains are characterized by pain, tenderness, swelling, redness, warmth, and bruising.   There will often be an ache in the wrist and the athlete will have reduced range of motion.   The pain is especially concentrated where the wrist bends or rotates.

Prevention:   Protective gear is crucial to preventing wrist injuries.   Wrist guards will help keep the wrist from bending too far backward.   Taping the wrist is another way to protect it from bending too much.   Correct technique in the activity is another way to keep athletes injury-free in sports that involve frequent falling, such as skiing, baseball, skating, hockey, and skateboarding, among many other sports.   As a [tag]coach[/tag], it is essential that you teach your athletes correct ways of falling to prevent injury to their wrists and shoulders.