Try this [tag]baseball coaching drill[/tag] at your next practice. This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] has to do with runners on first and third less than two outs. We call it   “Check 1-4 “.

The catcher makes the initial call out that alerts the [tag]pitcher[/tag] and second basemen. We leave the short stop id number out of the call out but everybody knows what’s happening from that point on.   The 2nd basemen yells a code word that lets the pitcher know that the runner from first has taken off, simultaneously the 2nd baseman steps into and through the running lane.

The pitcher is looking to the runner and reacting to get the base runner at third to commit to home and the pitcher can then pivot and fire to the plate.   If he doesn’t commit home the short stop is covering 2nd. The third baseman makes that call 2-2-2, 4-4-4.

This does take practice and it is an opportunity for the whole infield to take part. It also lets them feel like they have ownership because I let them make up the code words. Remember we are trying to get the runner at third to commit and we want him out first in this [tag]baseball[/tag] game.