Coming up with new ideas for [tag]baseball coaching clinics[/tag] can be a challenge.   Here are two master [tag]baseball tips[/tag] that have been sent to me recently.   Keep ’em coming!Baseball Coaching Clinics

From James…
My master baseball tip:   “Fielders keep your head down and follow the [tag]baseball[/tag] all the way to your glove.”

As we all know many fielders will pick their head up and take their eye off the ball when fielding.
To help overcome this I have placed large numbers with a sharpie wide marker on 12 balls.
As we hit a soft ground ball to the fielders they must keep their eye on the ball and try to pick up the number then call it off quickly before throwing to first base. The results have been awesome. With repetition we create skill.

From Larry…
I will make this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] short and sweet–

I put all my infielders on their knees and throw (not hit) the baseball to them like the ball was hit and make them throw the ball to first or what ever base I call out; I even use the catcher. Great to learn the control of the throw with the upper body.