One of the topics in most [tag]baseball coaching clinics[/tag] concerns sports injuries  and how best to help your [tag]baseball[/tag] players should an [tag]injury[/tag] occur.   Tendinitis is one that needs to be addressed immediately.   Treatment and recovery time are critical.Baseball Coaching Clinics

Treatment and Recovery:   [tag]Recovery[/tag] time for [tag]tendinitis[/tag] is slow, usually taking several weeks or months, depending on the severity of the tendon tear.   All activities that cause pain to the area should be avoided for a week.   Ice should be applied to avoid swelling and bruising, but only for the first day.  

Athletes should ensure that they are performing moves using proper technique.   For example, tennis players should remember to keep themselves in a proper body position while swinging the racquet to use the full force of the body in the swing.   The proper body position reduces strain on the elbow.   For golfers, a correct swing position keeps the hips and knees in line, allowing the golfer to use get the entire body behind the swing and takes pressure off the elbows.   Other activities that should be performed with proper technique to avoid tendinitis include skiing, gardening, shoveling, throwing and pitching, scrubbing, and painting.

If after a week, the condition has not improved, the athlete should see a doctor about getting steroid injections, which help to decrease pain and inflammation.   The doctor may also suggest physical therapy, which will help with range-of-motion.   Also, see a doctor if there is a fever, swelling, redness, or warmth, multiple sites of pain, or an inability to move the affected area.   These can be signs of other, more serious injuries, and need to be assessed by a doctor.