I’m often asked for suggestions for a [tag]baseball coaching drill[/tag].   Here’s a an outfielder’s [tag]drill[/tag] that Karin sent to me that will pay huge dividends with your team.Baseball Coaching Drills

From Karin”¦
Outfielders [tag]Baseball[/tag] Drill
Drop Step / Cross Over
One [tag]outfielder[/tag] stands facing you (approximately 5 ft) in “ready position”.   Coach holds out ball with arm straight out and then moves ball to either the right or left side.

Player’s first step is to drop back with the foot the side the ball is on.   Player continues on cross over step until [tag]coach[/tag] moves the ball to the other side.   Player then drops back with the other foot and does the cross over step.

Coach moves ball from the left side to the right at least 4-5 times and then throws a high [tag]fly ball[/tag] to the side the player is doing the cross over step.   If player has time they should [tag]catch[/tag] the ball, plant their feet and make a good [tag]throw[/tag].   If player is quick enough, they can come back to the ball and time it and make a good throw.

Each player takes a turn.   Coach should throw 4-6 times to each player depending on your group size.   Player’s should use quick feet work and go at full speed.