One of the responsibilities of a [tag]baseball coaching job[/tag] is to know basic treatments for injuries.   If one of your [tag]baseball[/tag] players has [tag]shin splints[/tag], follow the treatment suggestion below.Baseball Coaching Job

Treatment and Recovery:  
There is no better treatment for shin splints than rest.   All activity done during recovery should be non-weight bearing, such as cycling or swimming, until there is no more pain.   The RICE method works for immediate relief of shin splint pain, but it is important to stop all stressful activity on the area until there is no more pain, because the repeated activity can cause tiny cracks in the lower leg bones.   These will heal on their own, but only when left to do so without further straining.

If pain has not subsided after 3 weeks, athletes should see a doctor about a possible [tag]stress fracture[/tag] to the lower leg bones caused by repeated activity.   Before that time, all activity should be light.

When the athlete returns to full activity, they should tape the shin to reduce stress on it and gradually build back up to full activity.   Vary the routine to avoid re-injuring the area and properly warm up and cool down before and after each exercise.   When there is no pain before or after a work-out, the athlete can return to full participation.