One of the responsibilities that comes with [tag]baseball coaching jobs[/tag] is having an understanding of common sports injuries.   Tendinitis is one of these injuries.   [tag]Prevention[/tag] is key with [tag]baseball[/tag] as with any sport and directly linked to proper exercise technique.Baseball Coaching Jobs


Description:   Tendinitis is the [tag]inflammation[/tag] of a tendon.   The tendon is the thick cord that attaches the muscle to the bone.   The tendons have been stretched beyond their capacity in a repetitive motion.   Tendinitis is rarely caused by a sudden injury.   Tendinitis can occur in different areas in the body, including the elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, thumb, and Achilles heel.   Causes of tendinitis include poor posture, which strains joints and puts pressure on tendons, an abnormal bone or joint, such as those caused by arthritis, and improper stretching and conditioning.

Symptoms include tenderness in the affected area, which can run along the entire muscle.   Pain is generally felt with gripping and turning motions.   Pain may be gradual or sudden and severe, depending on the condition causing [tag]tendinitis[/tag].   It is also characterized by loss of motion in the affected area.

Prevention:   Proper [tag]exercise[/tag] technique has more to do with preventing tendinitis than any other precautionary measures.   Athletes should build up the activity level slowly, allowing the body time to adjust.   Athletes should also avoid needless repetition, limiting themselves to avoid overuse.   Major joints, such as the elbow, knee, Achilles heel, shoulder, and hip should be strengthened through resistance movements and weight training.   Strong muscles prevent ligaments and tendons from having to absorb pressure the muscles cannot handle.   Finally, stop if pain occurs and switch to another activity.   Try the previous exercise again before ending for the day, and if there is still pain, avoid that exercise for several days.