I have [tag]baseball coaching[/tag] advice for when dealing with any issue with a parent, player or umpire.   I have been coaching [tag]baseball[/tag] and softball for years.   I would like to share 2 coaching tips:

1.   A [tag]baseball coach[/tag] must stay consistent with attitude challenges of both players and parents.
2.   Respect an umpire but be vigilant about challenging appropriate questionable calls to educate yourself and your team on rules,etc.

In my experience an umpire expects a challenge in a professional environment and will work with coaches when he/she feels the respect.

In regards to[tag]baseball practice[/tag] and planning, I have found that if you can identify the total reasonable number of hours a week that you expect a player to be able to practice and identify the areas that he needs the most work in (hitting, speed, fielding) you can allocate a certain percentage of those total number of hours to those areas that need it most.

This will allow the player to reach a milestone each and every week and if they don’t reach the goal and you don’t see improvement it will help identify why. Keeping a log book of the time the players put in will help a lot.