As a [tag]coach[/tag], your [tag]baseball coaching philsophy[/tag] must include the concept of mutual [tag]respect[/tag].    If your team becomes out of control and they do not respond to your requests, you need to set up a system of [tag]consequences[/tag] so that they know what their actions will result in if they choose to misbehave again in the future.Baseball Coaching Philosophy

To maintain control from the beginning, develop a sense of respect and [tag]trust[/tag] within your [tag]baseball[/tag]  team.   Tell them that you will respect them as long as they respect you.  

That means that you need to listen to them when they need to talk, that you allow them to express themselves in practice, and that you take their suggestions and problems seriously.  

Them respecting you means following your directions, working to achieve your goals, and honoring your requests.   When a player disrespects himself, you, or another player, talk to that player about their conduct personally.   If it involves another player, talk to them together, explaining what was wrong with the player’s actions and showing how it affected the other player.  

You can use the same technique with yourself, explaining how the player’s actions affected you as a coach and your ability to lead the team effectively.   Gently showing your athletes that they have made a mistake and working with them to correct it will develop even more respect in them for you.   Even though you have been disrespected, you still showed them respect.  

This is extremely important to developing a lasting relationship with your athletes.   It will also help set an example of how your team should run.   These things together will foster a relationship of trust and respect, leading to a level of control you may not have thought possible in youth sports.