Taking the responsibility for [tag]baseball coaching positions[/tag] carries with it the role of dealing with sports [tag]injuries[/tag].   One common injury is [tag]runner’s knee[/tag].   As a [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]coach[/tag], it is essential that you learn how to help your players in all ways.Baseball Coaching Positions

  Runner’s knee results from the misalignment of the kneecap in its groove.   It is the most common of all [tag]knee injuries[/tag].   When a runner takes a step, the kneecap usually slides up and down in its groove with no problems.   When it is misaligned, it rubs against the sides of the groove and wears on the cartilage on the groove and on the back of the kneecap.   Fluid can build up and cause swelling and discomfort.   Pain is centered in the back of the knee after running exercises.   This is a repetitive injury which generally does not occur from a sudden movement.

  To prevent runner’s knee, athletes should focus on strengthening the quadriceps muscle, which helps align the kneecap in the center of the groove.   To strengthen this muscle, do isometric exercises that isolate the quadriceps, such as sitting and contracting and releasing the muscles.   Hold the contraction for several seconds and release slowly.   Another exercise to strengthen the quadriceps is jumping lunges.   The athlete stands in a middle lunge with the legs bent, but remembering to keep the knees level over the ankles.   The athlete pushes off the ground and straightens the legs before landing back in the original middle lunge position.

Another overlooked but important part of preventing injury is wearing proper footwear.   Worn down or old athletic shoes puts pressure on the wrong part of your foot or ankle, pushing the entire leg out of alignment and leading to injuries such as runner’s knee.   Research the length of time your athletic shoes are recommended for use and replace them after the prescribed mileage or length of time.